Little Book


Orienteering Techniques


Jean Cory-Wright
NZOF Coaching Director
March 2000

This series of three articles should form the basic "bible" for all orienters and coaches. It briefly describes 24 skills which the red-level orienteer should be able to call upon at any time on the course. It is arranged in three levels: the "Basics" section roughly corresponds to a yellow level of difficulty, "Intermediate" to orange, and "Advanced" to red.

The author Jean Cory-Wright competed for Britain in 10 World Championships, and is a teacher and author of outdoor education, which makes her well-qualified to be the NZOF Director of Coaching. These articles first appeared in "New Zealand Orienteering" in 1999.


Section 1 Basics

Section 2 Intermediate Techniques

Section 3 Advanced Tehniques